☆ Four Ikemen Chapter 72



72 ☆ Ragna’s Turn


I who was panting like a dog ended up letting go of Ragna’s from my mouth due to the ejaculation’s impact.


The fluid Aleph released was gradually  healing the aphrodisiac’s effect, but it feels as if I’m still far from recovering.


[It’s better if you accept my sperm next.]


Ragna sat on top of the bed, pulled my body towards him, and hugged me from behind. He makes me sit in that position, lowering my hip on top of his towering glory.


My hole which has become soft and loose after receiving Aleph deeply swallowed Ragna’s huge thing.


[Kh, ahh!]


Ragna waited for the entrance that has been stretched with all it has to adapt to him.

I wonder why, I already feel so good just by him putting it in. The aphrodisiac’s effect is too great, it feels too good.


[I’m about to move.]


Ragna holds my powerless waist in a lock and rocked me from the bottom.

Lewd sliding and wet sounds leak out from the parts where we are joined together.


[N, kuh]


Aaah, being spread so widely is hard, but it’s also as if the overwhelming feeling of pressure feels pleasant.


It seems my sensitivity is increased more than usual after all, and even though my good spot wasn’t rubbed, I was energetically hard again.


[Oh? Rei, there’s something interesting. You should raise your face and take a look.]


When I weakly raised my head at Ragna’s words, a mirror was being hanged on the wall in front of us and the appearance of me having sex with Ragna was clearly being reflected.


[Ngh! Uwaaah!?]


Even my asshole clenched from shock that Ragna also held his breath.


[Hey, will you stop that? I thought I will be eaten.]


Saying so, he raised my hips high and dropped it in one go. The large cock aimed and pierced deep inside my hole.


[AAH ah Aah!! Ah, Aah!]


Pulling down my hips in succession, I unthinkably raised my voice. Looking straight at his huge, towering, and pulsing thing going in and out of me was very indecent, but it was also a spectacle that tempts excitement.


[Rei, please don’t forget about me, too.]


Aleph who came beside me on his knees took my arm and made my hand grab his half-hard member.


Uwah, I’m being held by Ragna while stroking Aleph… Even though I’m naked, having the other parties doing whatever they want with me while still wearing their clothes, I sloppily open my mouth… It feels too good that I’m about to go crazy.


[Auh, I, am already loving this~]

[Is that so, is that so. You’re overflowing with precum, I’m going to thrust more intensely.]


As Ragna moves his hips, I also bend my my back loosely to match him. Wet squelching noises intensely flooded the room and the mood rose even more.




Ragna thrusted into my good spot, and with the same timing, he bit my nape. His amber eyes are shining as if a prey is before him.


Being stared at by those rather scary eyes, I came without ejaculating anything. (TN: Dry orgasm, banzai~!!!)


[… ngh, ugh!]


I who couldn’t say anything from too much , took my utmost to accept the pleasure and the rim squeezes at Ragna’s member by itself.


[Kh, uooh!… Rei!]


Ragna poked as hard as he could to reach the deepest part of my undulating hole and dumped his semen  inside my stomach.


[Hah… As expected of the medicine that draws out sensuality, I thought I’d get possessed.]


While Ragna gripped my chin and was gently kissing me, he reluctantly pulled out his member.


The thick semen dribbled out from inside, and I’m feeling good even from that.


[Fuah… ngh]

[Rei, you’re still throbbing, right? Please take me in one more time.]


After that, I went for another round of love-making with Aleph and Ragna, and while being hazy from the excessive pleasure, I let go of my consciousness..