☆ Four Ikemen Chapter 71

71 ☆ Aleph’s Turn

The first one to loosen his clothes was Aleph who has lighter clothings. Opening the collar of the stoic butler clothes he was wearing as a disguise, my expectations rises whether I want to or not.

That gesture of hooking his collar with his finger, so sexy! With him overflowing with sex appeal coupled with his grey* hair, I was assaulted by immoral sensations as if I were giving up my own body to another person. (TN: I’m guessing the color his hair was dyed into since it was never specified.)

[Ah, Aleph… nh]

Aleph waited with blushing face and from the surface of my clothes, he traced my chest up to my stomach and caressed it.

I became impatient with just that and I ended up loosely spreading out my knees.

When Aleph perceived that mine was responding, he touched it over my pants.

[Hau… ngh]
[Being in this state, it must have been hard. I will make it easier for you immediately.]

Having said so, Aleph took off my underpants. Being freed from the underwear which has gotten wet due to precum, Aleph unhesitantly put the gleamingly wet ‘that’ in his mouth.

[Hyah! Ah, aaahh!]

Engulfed in the warm mucous membrane, completely because of the aphrodisiac, I unthinkably cried having blood rushing into my head.

Removing the obstructive armor, Ragna whose only remaining cloth was a black underwear also joined in and posed for a kiss.

[Nhu, ngh, mh, uuh]

He inserts his tongue deep inside and I respond to his breathtaking-like wild kiss in a trance. Sucking on my entangled tongue, I lost it when he turned(folded?) over the hem of my shirt with his remaining hand and directly stimulated my nipple(s?).

[Nguh… ugh, hn~gh, nhuuu…!]

Unable to endure, I end up releasing with a *pew-pew* inside Aleph’s mouth. Aleph held it inside his mouth and released everything timedly on my butt. (TN: Yeah, pew-pew was written in the raw chapter.)

[Fwah! Ah, aah…]

I’m kind of weird today. I don’t feel relieved even when I came.

[Yah, ya… It’s too vexing~]
[It’s because the treatment isn’t finished yet.]

Ragna stroked my head saying, ‘Good boy’. Yeah, although I’m also happy with that, I’m rather hoping you’d love a different place right now.

Aleph caught my waist which moved by itself due to frustration and placed mine in his mouth after. Just like that, he spread the semen I released earlier with his tongue.

[Ah, ah! Aleph, that… kind of place, is dirty… ngh!]
[Rei does not have any dirty spots.]

The thick and viscous liquid was rubbed around the hole, and he also penetrated inside with his tongue.

[N, ah, ah, ahh]

Wiggling and thrusting, he pushes his tongue in and my entrance unconsciously twitches at the stimulation I’ve never felt before.


Ragna’s face approaches my chest and puts a kiss mark on the side my nipple.
In that manner, I started tossing about at his whimsical movements like licking the peaks or teasingly biting around my chest.

[Eek! Ah… Hngh]

Both my chest and my asshole are being played with, but without my desire fulfilled, I cried unbearably.

[Already, yaah…! Please put it in~]
[I don’t want to hurt Rei. I will loosen it soon so please be a little patient.]

Aleph carefully spread his saliva with his tongue as if he’s stretching the folds one by one.

[Aah, nnuh]

It was too frustrating that when I noticed, I was rubbing my ass on Aleph’s face. Despite realizing that I will die in a fit of indignation when I return to my senses, I can’t stop.
Aleph also thrusted his tongue in response and inserted his fingers.

[Aah… it’s melting, as if it’s impatiently waiting for me.]
[Aleph, Aleph…! Ahnn, Aleph put it innn!]

I hold my legs myself and spread my asshole, inviting him. Aleph’s eyes concentrated, and I could hear his throat rumbling.

[Rei sure is pitiful. I understand your feeling of wanting to tease, but isn’t it fine if you give it to him soon?]

Ragna suggests to Aleph while caressing my chest.

[I’m not particularly teasing him, but it should be fine as long as I’ve loosened this.]

You are teasing me! I want it so bad that my head is turning weird!

[Ah, hurry.]
[Aah, Rei. I love you.]

Aleph loosened his underwear and took out his manhood. Mine is fueled with foolishness and is steeply rising with passion. Aah, that was what I desired.

He makes the completely naked me go on the all-fours position, Aleph’s tip perfectly hits my rear.
With a plop(pop?), the tip entered and just like that proceeded to push its way deeper. As if welcoming the long awaited stamen, my inner walls start to squirm.

[Aaah, so good, Aleph, it feels so goood, ah, ahh]

Ragna also brings his hardened member near my mouth that(which?) I opened to spill a loosely coquettish voice.

[Rei, please take me in your mouth.]

I suck on the tip, and then I lick the shaft which couldn’t fit inside my mouth.
While leaking out a pant every time Aleph thrusts into me, I vacantly admire Ragna’s humongous thing.

[… Ugh, I feel as if I’m being squeezed.]

At the avaricious movements of the rim, Aleph holds his breath and resists the pleasure.

[Is it because of the aphrodisiac, you’re more submissive to the pleasure.]
[Mm, nh!]

Ragna unreservedly rubs his ferociously imposing meat rod in my mouth and Aleph pierces inside me little by little.

I bent my back at the pleasure the two people provided me. Unintentionally, the hole on my back constricts.
[Uwah… AAah!]

Aleph inserted his manhood deeper and released his semen inside me. The warm liquid was sent in my belly, and I ejected semen without having my front touched.