Four Ikemen 87

WARNING: Double Penetration depicted. Just letting you know. Also, the semes didn’t force that to happen so hopefuly you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.



☆Aleph and Ciel’s Turn



[Rei, Rei can you hear me?]

[Are you alright?]



When I opened my eyes, Aleph and Ciel were peering at me and were waiting on me on both sides. Ragna and Dy were also there at my feet.


[Ah… Did, I pass out?]


When I looked at my own body, my own sperm was still stuck on my chest and my stomach, and I realized that I woke up shortly after because it hasn’t dried up yet.


[I was shocked, you didn’t give any response.]

[It’s better to stop now.]


When I subconsciously looked at Ciel, he was still hard. Ohh, I fainted in the middle of it after all.


Just as I reached towards Ciel’s crotch and looked up, he raised his brows and with his mouth relaxed, he refused.


[Rei, forget about me and get some rest.]

[Don’t wanna… Do Aleph and Ciel not want me?]


Aleph worriedly laughed, he took my hand and wrapped it between his hands.


[It doesn’t have to be today. Of course, we wish for you to receive us, but Rei’s health is important.]


I tightly grip Aleph’s hand in return.


[But… I want everyone today. I want to feel all of your love, that’s why… you both come here as well.]


Wasn’t that what everybody planned to begin with? I have also resolved myself and didn’t escape.

Even the two of them, I want to love them, and to be loved in return.


I myself have also become excited, and since we’ve already gone too far to back out, I spread my twitching hole myself and invited the two of them.


[Hey, don’t you want to come inside me? N… gh]


I insert my fingers in and stir inside and rub the fluid overflowing around the hole as I observe Ciel and Aleph. 


I guess I was being too slutty, or so I thought, but it seemed to be effective. Ciel’s eyes dimmed while his face and ears turned red and Aleph gulped.


[Rei… It’s fine, then?]

[Un, come… Ciel.]


Ciel lifted my body up, sat down while hugging me from behind, and entered me.


[Aah… It’s so soft and warm… ugh]


The softly spread hole accepted Ciel without any resistance.


[Rei, Rei… I love you.]

[Yes, me too, I also love you… gh!]


The sensation of the remnant of our previous love-making* overflowing in each thrust brings a shiver through my spine.


I called Aleph who was holding his breath.


[N… Aleph too, come, gh!]



Aleph approached at my invitation and gave me a kiss.

While our tongues entangled and we’re eating each other’s lips, Aleph raised his head.


I took Aleph’s on my hand and started stroking it up and down.


[Ugh, Rei.]

[Feels good?]

[Yeah… gh]

[Me, too, I also feel goo…ood!]


Ciel buries himself until the deepest part of me, and I get taken by the pleasure.


Aah, so good, I can’t bear it. My insides are throbbing and I might take off again.


I was doubtful that I’ll be able to make it until Aleph’s turn, but I thought of an idea.


[Ngh, Aleph too, come here?]


I led Aleph’s swollen member to the entrance Ciel is in.


Aleph swallows his breath and blushes.


Uwaa, I’ll unmistakably roll around in shame later for this… Huh? I think I’ve had the same thought before.


I’ve become pretty erotic without my notice. My common sense from when I was in Japan has long disappeared.


But it doesn’t matter, it feels good and I feel loved, and I don’t have to worry about being hurt either.


[Kuh… I don’t think, I’m gonna last long as well… before I start moving faster, how about you come, too?]


Ciel also knows that my endurance won’t last long so he calls out to Aleph.


Aleph seemed hesitant, but he understood my desire for him, and carefully inserted himself inside me.


[Rei, are you really alright? Does it hurt?]

[I’m, fine… Aleph’s, feels so, good…]

[Aah, Rei… I like you, I love you.]

[I love you, too… ugh]


The feeling of pressure I felt in my stomach just like when I accepted Ragna’s towering c*ck arises.


But the pleasure aside from that was so strong, I became delirious and swayed my hips back and forth.


[Fufu, appearing this pleasured, Rei is so cute.]

[N, n]


Dy also joins and gives me a deep kiss, sucking my tongue tightly.


[Rei, can you give me a hand as well?]


Ragna also appears to have revived, he led my hand to hold something big and stroke it together.


Someone also started teasing my nipples, but I’m drowning in too much pleasure that I don’t even know who’s doing what anymore. I continuously trembled from all the stimulation I’m given.


[Rei, I’m also… ugh!]

[I’m cumming inside, please take it…!]

[Aah, so good, I’m cumming… kuh!]

[Fufu, delicious. That felt good, Rei.]


While I was being loved by the four of them, I ascertained that everyone had cummed before I let go of my consciousness.